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Written by Matt Davis on August 16, 2012. Posted in News/Weather

The Georgia Department of Labor has reported that the state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose to 9.3 percent in July, up from 9.0 percent in June.  Georgia’s jobless rate was 10 percent in July 2011.

State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler says the increase was largely attributed to temporary layoffs in manufacturing.

There were 56,540 initial claims for unemployment insurance benefits in Georgia in July, up 7,661 or 15.7 percent from June, with temporary manufacturing layoffs accounting for the majority of the increase.  However, initial claims declined over the year by 5,030 or 8.2 percent from 61,570 in July 2011.

Georgia’s labor force increased by 7,731 new jobseekers to 4,765,132 in July, up from 4,757,401 in June.  Georgia’s labor force has grown 14 out of the past 15 months.

The number of jobs statewide decreased by 17,900 from 3,931,900 in June to 3,914,000 in July.  There were 20,600 jobs lost among seasonal workers in the local public schools, but some of that loss was offset because the private sector added 5,600 jobs.  However, the number of jobs last month remained 50,600 more than the 3,863,400 in July 2011.  The yearly growth came in professional and business services by 29,300 jobs; trade, transportation and warehousing by 18,400 jobs; education and health care by 8,000 jobs; manufacturing by 3,600 and leisure and hospitality by 2,100.

The number of long term unemployed workers in Georgia decreased to 225,400 in July, down by 4,700 from 230,100 in June.  In addition, the number of long term unemployed is down by 25,700, or 10.2 percent, from 251,100 in July 2011.  The long-term unemployed, or those out of work for more than 26 weeks, make up 51 percent of those unemployed in the state.

In metro Rome, jobs were down by 200, or .5 percent, from 37,400 in July 2011 to 37,200 last month.  Initial claims for unemployment insurance benefits were down in metro Rome by 364, or 26.2 percent, from 1,388 in July 2011 to 1,024 last month.

Take a look at Georgia labor market data and learn about job search assistance from the Georgia Department of Labor online at www.dol.state.ga.us.

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