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Written by Matt Davis on April 16, 2013. Posted in News/Weather

The investigation continues into the explosions that occurred at the Boston Marathon two days ago.  Two bombs went off around the finish line on Monday afternoon, killing three people.  It is now believed that more than 170 were injured.  Investigators have discovered that the bombs were made out of pressure cookers that you’d ordinarily find in the kitchen.  The investigation into the explosions continues by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. 

Barry Norman, the former executive director of the Rome International Film Festival, is a native of Boston.  He now lives in Maine and is grateful that he could keep up with his friends via social media following the explosions.

Norman describes the Boston Marathon explosions as ‘indescribable’.

Norman is no stranger to tragedies such as the one that struck Boston on Monday.  He was living in New York City at the time of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.  He says that his first film festival saw its insurance triple after that, due to fears of further terroristic threats at large gatherings.  Norman also at one time lived near the Aurora, Colorado movie theater where a gunman opened fire last summer.

Sarah Egan, Emergency Services Program Manager for the Northwest Georgia Chapter of the American Red Cross (who’s from New England), says that the Red Cross offers a tool by which you can check up on the safety of your loved ones who might have been in Boston at the time of the explosions.  She advises listeners to Google “safe and well”.

Egan adds that if you’d like to speak to someone locally about how to help those affected by the Boston Marathon explosions, you can call the Northwest Georgia Chapter of the American Red Cross at (706) 291-6648.  

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